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"Arthur Lange"
Arthur Lange is one of the most traditional tanneries in Brazil and Latin America.

"Australian Crust Leather Company"

products include Crust Leather (Wool-on lamb and sheepskins) and Finished Woolskins. We can also supply Drumsalted Victorian lambskins and sheepskins.

"Conceria Tris SpA"

specialised in producing Hair on Horse: vast range of full grain articles and leather for garment, small leather goods and footwear.

"Friedrich Sturm GmbH & Co. KG."

Sturm has grown to become one of Germany s largest and most efficient collectors and processors of hides, skins, wool and animal by-products.

"G&M Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer and trader of leather, garments and leather gloves and accessories.

"K. C. Trade Co."

production of cashmere wool; cashmere yarns for knitting, weaving and spinning; cashmere fabrics, and cashmere apparel; import and export of shoes, clothing, leather and goat wet blue, and more.


producer of finished leather, crust and skins, whole unsplit and chrome split hides; largest exporter and processor of Australian wool.


Raw and wet blue cattle hides and split, sheep and lambskin nappa and fur for garment, fur lining nutria for boots and shoes pourpose, ready garment, more.

"Sarteks A.S."

producing doubleface in its tannery in Istanbul, and also making confection and marketing to the whole world garments from both doubleface and leather.

"Trahide Company"

Trahide Co. is a U.S. based company specialized in the distribution of skins, leather and leather goods from its own Peruvian tannery and others.

"Yuan Heng Li Leather Co., Ltd"

Leather, Fur & Skin Garments for everyday dress or special occasions; specialized business in the tanning industry, offering leather products.

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