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"Aayisha & Aayisha"
manufacture all types of finished leather for Leather products including shoes, garments leather goods etc. Specialized in semichrome and Fullchrome goat suedes.


Alaska s.p.a. tannery specializes in the production of traditionally tanned buffalo hides for brushing, grozing, milling, printing shiney or mat, using a pure analine finish

"Alig Tannery"

Indian leading manufacturers of finished leather for shoe and leather garments.

"Amalgam Leathers"

leading company of a consortium of companies, offers leather for shoes and other products.

"Antelope Tanning"

for leather goods and footware


Tannery in Florence since 1964, leather and leather treatments in different ways for shoe-strings.

"Argos srl"

manufacturer of leather laces for Timberland-style shoes, split butts for belt or leathergoods, crups or half calves for footwear and leatherwear.


specialized in the production of vegetable tanned butts and shoulders for the manufacture of belts, saddles, footwear, accessories ecc.

"Artigiano del Cuoio"

our shoulders, large size, are suitable for high quality products in the fields of furnishing, binding, leathergoods and footwear.


all types of tanned leathers, dyed and finished for all industries consuming leather: shoe makers, leather-goods, garments, and crafts applications.


steady quality of leather and continuous updating of standards of productivity. We submit our products under severe tests of control in order to meet our clients expectations.

"Brababnt Leder"

We export to all of Europe, the Middle east, North America and South Africa.Our leather is used for clothing,leathergoods and shoes


Cairotan is a baby and men leather shoes Wholesales men shoes, cheap shoes, Cairotan located in Egypt, Cairotan shoe store, sales men shoes, discount men shoes, sole and baby leather shoes. Cairotan wholesale men shoes, cheap shoes, wanted shoes, and leather shoes, Egypt, Egypt, simple shoes , simple shoes, discount shoes, Cairotan in Egypt , leather shoes , men shoes, simple shoes

"Canterbury Leather"

Manufacturer and exporter of premium quality sheepskin apparel and footwear.Distributors of UGG in New Zealand and Australia. Online retail outlets.

"Charles F. Stead & Co. Ltd"

Producers of high class suede leather for footwear and automotive.

"Colomer Group"

The Group s leather production centers on four large areas: clothing, footwear, gloving and leathergoods.

"Conceria Biemme"

specialized in vegetable tanning of butts on behalf for levelled, rectified, dyed and superflex sole leather, all kind of thickness, for vegetable tanned insoles.

"Conceria Cafra"

The tannery made fast inroads into the lining sector,quickly becoming a supplier to high quality shoe manufactures.

"Conceria Chiorino s.r.l."

The Chiorino leather is used in many different fields: bags, shoes, saddlery, furniture, etc.

"Conceria del Chienti s.p.a."

produces a vast and assorted range of articles in the various lines and fashion colours for the footwear and leather goods sector.

"Conceria Ferrero S.p.a."

leather for the footwear, glove, leathergoods industry.

"Conceria Gardenia"

Since 1984 Gardenia has operated in the field of leather tanning and become renowned "GEVOPEL" both on national and with its trademark international markets.

"Conceria Guerino"

The "Guerino Tannery" is well known by the best shoe factories and by the best world brands for the production of the lining of high quality for luxury shoes.

"Conceria la Bretagna s.p.a."

vegetable leathers for small leather goods, belts, handbags, briefcases, shoes, albums and furnishing.

"Conceria Miura"

The Miura Company is specialized in the production of half chrome tanned with aniline finish.Our products are addressed to the medium/high quality leather shoes and fine leather accessories.

"Conceria Montana Srl"

vegetable tanned shoulders and crops for belts, leather goods and footwear.

"Conceria Nuova Antilope"

finished leather of various kinds: high quality chrome tanned baby calves, as well as fashion items, like patent, classic prints and reptile imitation.

"Conceria Stefania"

Thanks to the Ramponi family's experience, the small tannery has grown so much that it has become a large, tecnologically advanced company.

"Conceria Tris SpA"

specialised in producing Hair on Horse: vast range of full grain articles and leather for garment, small leather goods and footwear.

"Conceria Zabri"

production in sueded and finished crust, specializing in the footwear, garment and furniture markets.

"Conceria Zini S.p.a."

excellent leather for traditional shoes, sports and safety footwear, interior decor, leather objects & upholstery, leatherwear, automobile leather.

"Concerie Riunite G.B. s.p.a."

leading producer of vegetable-tanned leather butt pieces for shoe soles. In-house production of pre-cut items like soles and half-soles.


supplier of the best shoe and handbag manufacturers. Leathers in American finishes, leathers in Italian finishes, leather splits and more.


producing automotive & aircraft industry leather, fine leatherwork, shoe industry leather, upholstery leather.

"Couro Azul Ind e Com de Couros"

Certified by np en iso 9002 norms Leather for automotive for upholstrery and leather for footwear fancy goos and also crome-free leather

"CT Point S.r.l."

manufacture and sell all over the world the widest range of synthetic sewing threads for shoes, leathergoods, leather furniture, technical items.

"Cuoificio La Querce s.r.l."

production of sole leather for national and international markets; various kind of finishing depending on the final use and the production process.

"Cuoificio Toscano S.p.a."

manufactures vegetable tanned leather only from european rawhides.

"Curtiembre Rio Tercero S.A."

producing garments, mixed leather for footwear, accessories such as belts and bags, and upholstery.



"Dah Hwa International Holdings Limited"

integrated leather group engaging in leather trading, leather finishing, leatherware manufacturing, export retail and distribution.

"Dallas FG92"

Specialized in calf and half calves production,the tannery cares particularly for the working of its own product to be always ready to offer a high quality leather with a sure warranty for the client.

"Danfield, Inc."

highest quality leather for different industries: furniture, automotive , airline, shoe leather, garment leather and a variety of small leather goods.

"David International SpA"

the quality and the fashion content of our leathers have consolidated the interest of worldwide most prestigious shoe and leather goods manufacturers.

"Din Leather Pvt. Ltd."

producing best quality Dyed/Crust and Complete Finished Goat & Sheep Leather for Shoe Upper, Lining, garment purpose, as well as ready-made Leather Garments.

"Dominion Tanners"

finished automotive leather, as well as a wide range of leathers used in the manufacture of shoes, work & sport boots, western boots, belts, other products.

"Eastern Leather Company"

Specializes in finished leather for shoes, bags, leather goods and the upholstery industry.

"Eastern Leather Company Limited"

specializes in finished leather for shoes, bags, leather goods and the upholstery industry.

"Fa.Pel. snc"

specialised in the production of splits for: clothing accident-prevention items and footwear; hunting suede and finished clothing items.

"Faeda Conceria srl"

Specialized in the production of leather that is 95% produced for shoes and the remaining 5% for leather goods.

"Falco Pellami"

producer of goat skin for footwear, leather goods and clothing.

"Far East Leather Industrial Co. Ltd."

We are one of the most well known pigskin suppliers in China leather industry. We are specialized in making pigskin and pigsplit for footwear, handbag, suitcases and for other leathergoods to use as lining or upper material.

"Far East Leather Industrial Co. Ltd."

specialized in making pigskin and pigsplit for footwear, handbag, suitcases and for other leathergoods to use as lining or upper material.

"Florence Shoe Co Pvt Ltd."

We are a family oriented tanner, with a professional shoe factory setup catering to markets in Europe

"Gaurav Impex"

manufacturer of Pu laminated leather, the symbol of quality, soft, waterproof, easy to clean with damp cloth without polish. Available in all colours, and thickness.

"Gruppo Conciario C.M.C."

a modernly-structured company with a long tradition, handed down for no less than four generations, in the tanning sector: sole leathers.

"Horn Leather Products Ltd."

manufacturer and exporter of pig skin leather for gloves, garments and shoes.

"Horween Leather Company"

tanning and finishing a wide variety of leathers in an extensive selection of colors, weights, tempers and finishes.

"Industria Conciaria Sciarada"

specialized in chrome-treating suede calf and cow splits, has been working for the clothing, footwear and leather sector for a long time with high quality products.

"Japan Clothes Phils., Inc."

Pigskin leather for shoe lining and fashion gloves

"Julbe Curtidos"

specialised in sheep, goat and calf leathers for the shoe industry in both suede and aniline.

"La Scarpa"

manufacturer of leather and rolls for welt; leather for heels, saddlery and splits.

"Lexco Limited"

finished leather for shoe upper, leather goods and garments. Production both in cow and goat.

"Lo Stivale s.r.l."

vegetable tanned shoulders for belts, shoes, bags.

"Malik Company"

their specialty is chamois leather

"Mastrotto Group"

leather is what the five tanneries in the Mastrotto Group produce, hides used mainly in the shoe, furnishing, leather accessories and clothing industry.

"Midwest Leather Group"

manufacturer of footwear leather.


Italian tanned leather supplier for the shoes factories

"Monti & Monti"

We are producers of finished leather for shoes and garments.

"North American Tanning"

global company specializing in leathers for fashion and comfort footwear and handbags.


International import of fresh and salted wet blue semi tanned

"Otello Cuoificio"

produces leather for a world wide market using the slow vegetable tanning system and also supplies leather half soles available in various thicknesses.

"Penza Tanning Industries Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturers of all types of finished leather for safety shoe, lining.

"Philippine Italian Synthetic Leather Corporation PISLC"

high quality polyurethane (PU), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and combined PU/PVC based synthetic leather, raw material for the footwear, handbag, furniture, leather goods manufacturers.

"Pittards Plc."

producing technically advanced leather for many of the world s leading brands in sports and fashion gloves, footwear and luxury.

"Rasskazovo Invest"

one of the biggest tannery in the Russian Federation, offers wet blue hides, splitted and unsplitted, crust hides for the shoe industry, finished leather.


tannery offering shoe upper leather, bovine hides processing for shoe upper leather, garment and clothing leather, wet-blue and crust leather.


Raw and wet blue cattle hides and split, sheep and lambskin nappa and fur for garment, fur lining nutria for boots and shoes pourpose, ready garment, more.

"S - J Leathers"

We are Leather Manufacturers in Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of Leather Production. We offer Finished Leather for further production. (Leather for production of Jackets, shoes etc.).

"S.C. Leather Co., Ltd."

manufactures sofas and reclining chairs.

"Salz Leathers, Inc"

They specialize in natural, heavy, specialty bovine leathers. Their principal products are used for making workboots, shoes, handbags, belts, baseball gloves.

"Scamosceria Astico"

specializes in cattle split leather processing with numerous finishes. Product is leather of superior technical characteristics and esthetic qualities.

"Serafini S.r.l."

technical shoes components: reflective materials - adhesive reinforcements tapes - interlinings for the footwear, leather and clothing industries.

"Shandong Xinxing ostrich Leather products Co., Ltd."

Our company produce ostrich leather. The quality of the ostrich leather is the best of China. The products are sold in larger quantity to South Africa, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. With best quality and lowest price, we believe the business will be beneficial for you.

"Shanghai Leather Co., Ltd."

the largest enterprise of leather industry in China: leather shoes, leather dress, cases, bags, balls, sport gloves, leather chemicals and machinery, leather.

"Shrut & Asch Leather Company Inc."

specializing in fine kidskin and goatskin, supplies the shoe, boot, handbag, small leather goods and other trades.

"Sinepod, s.r.o."

manufacturer of working leather shoes and soccer shoes; supplier of raw wetsalted hides, wet blue hides, crusts, splits and finished leather.


tanning, colouring and finishing of woolled sheep and lambskins for the footwear trade, hand bags, garment.

"Sutor Mantellassi S.p.A."

Sutor Mantellassi's is an artisan workmanship able to always unite comfort and fashion and guided from the firm's archives where models of the originals are kept besides historical "pieces" that Ledo Mantellassi has collected from all over the world: almost a small museum of shoes.

"Tanneries Haas"

leather for the handbag, footwear, clothing and saddlery industries.

"Teeyem Leathers"

Finished leather from buffalo and buffalo calf : burnishable, glazed, milled, printed, polished, pull-up, etc.

"Titan Leathers Pvt Ltd"

tannery offering leather for garments, upholstery, footwear & leather goods; also producing fashion, motorcyle, college, pilot and more leather garments.

"Trahide Company"

Trahide Co. is a U.S. based company specialized in the distribution of skins, leather and leather goods from its own Peruvian tannery and others.

"Trahide Company"

manufactures its own leather for garments, parchments, drum heads, shoes, and many more. Representative of the Italian manufacturer Progetto Pelle.


Modern technologies and old traditions, efficient organization and artisan's care This is our tanning company.


large exporter of cattle hides, raw wet salted hides. Manufacturing of leather for sole and uppers of shoes in Russia and Czech Republic.

"W.Pearce & Co Ltd."

produces high quality classic and innovative leathers for the footwear, leathergoods, bookbinding and watchstrap markets.

"Westfield Tanning Co."

quality vegetable tanned leather from american hides, used in the footwear, apparel, saddle-skirting, sporting goods and various other industries.

"Withmore Bacon"

We are a family run business in England specialising in the manufacture and sale of leather and leather related products to Industry.


Splits for footwear, leather goods, clothing, upholstery.

"Zahur Sancho (Pvt) Limited (ZSL)"

an ISO-9002 certified tannery and one of the Pakistan's leading tanneries, associated with internationally acclaimed Rodrigo Sancho group of Spain.


we produce awide range of footwear finished and crust leathers.

"Zhejiang Pengchang Leather Co., Ltd"

manufacturer of pigskin leather and leather garments/apparel.

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